I'm making a video on YouTube about Hopscotch. What do you want me to play?



What do you guys want me to play? It can be your project, or someone else's! So, any suggestions? :sweat_smile:


(BTW, link to channel is in the description.)



I'm sorry for being off topic, but you have to remove the Instagram link in your bio immediantly. It is not allowed to share personal information, and it could be dangerous!


Can you play my Diving game :D?


Oh, ok. Thanks for telling me. <3 Future leader right here.


Sure! Any other ideas?


Maybe some of the games on game changers?

(Or some of my pleh games Astronometry Dash 2.0, Archery Multitry, Dino Sprint etc etc)


Alright, you greedy attention sponge. JK




Btw I have different versions of those so, if you need clarification, tag em



you have so many subs....


I only have 40 subscribers lol


Hee hee. Can I have the link to your YouTube channel?



Gif funky 63 shoutout my fren on forum say he is cul


I subbed to you @NeoPixel :wink:


idk why, but i have a youtubes too :3

Enjoy my (currently) cringey/terrible videos xD


Hey! Will you play my #HHC2016 game, #HHC2016 Halloween Catch? My Hopscotch username is iWaffle. Maybe you should play only Halloween games?


Oh sorry let me go create some more accounts to sub to you


Play this game


That's a bad idea xD


Why not I only made like 2 more accounts