I'm making a new game and need ideas


I'm making a game called Dooms Day, in the game you have to stop Doomsday. Through out the game you have to face different challenges that might be the cause of Doomsday. But I don't know what the challenges should be.

  • Earthquake
  • Asteroids
  • Tornadoes
  • Other natural storms
  • Monsters

Hope this helps! :smile:



Thanks it does I think I'll use some of your ideas if that ok?


ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That sounds cool! Sadly though I don't know how to make a zombie.:cry:


Disease? I dunno. Sounds cool though.


Dalekz! You must have Dalekz!


Ya, it does! Do you think stoping a bom is a good idea?


umm...... Strong Thunder storms!:zap: Valcaonos!:volcano: Astroids!:stars:Rainstorms!:sweat_drops:Earth dieing!:earth_asia:No sun!:new_moon: No moon!:full_moon:!


Those are great ideas! I think I'll use the valcano one.:volcano:




How about the Earth is about to blow up?


Wow your draft is empty!


What about tornados




Idk if this would be too hard but you could put different puzzles! For example, you can make a puzzle where you try to defuse a bomb before it goes off or something like that.


@bubblegumpopstar11 maybe you could make a timer and have it countdown for like 2 minutes or whatever time you choose then the world blows up


I was thinking about having a bom you have to defuse but I wasn't sure if it wa a good idea, also if the word blows up how would you save it?