I'm making a game called evolution


Just wanted to give you a heads up also you evolve ur creature with fights and when it evolves totally you fight a boss then you unlock tons of new stuff and go on another quest and so on till you defeat THE LEGEND then after that the credits come then it says the end. I will do this myself also cuz I just felt like I needed something hard to code to challenge myself. Also plz give me ideas of names for islands worlds levels and charecters Also ask any questions if you want that's on topic.BYE!:blush:


First reply!

Sounds interesting! Work hard on it! :smiley:


Awesome! That sounds so awesome! Can you tag me when new features come out?


Put your name below if you want to be tagged when new features come out!



Thanks for making that :blush:


Also the first version will come out with 1 world


How is the game coming so far?


I only got to making the difficulty selecter


Awesome! This game will be so cool!


I know! Also each world has 5 islands and each island has 5 levels


That will be SO cool! I can't wait!


I have tried something like this before and kinda gave up. Good luck!:+1::smile:


Here's an idea for you,
Make 3 values to count how many punches-kicks-jumps are used in a fight.
When a fight is over, check each of the 3 values.
If the punches value is highest, have the players creature grow bigger arms.
If kick values highest, grow bigger,sharper feet
If jumps value is highest, grow longer legs that make the character jump higher.

Good luck,
I look forward to seeing how your project turns out