I'm making a game and I need help with an amount of tax


@snoopy I'm gonna need your help again...
So basically I'm working on a game, and after you're done shopping, you have to pay tax at the end. You have to click the pay tax button after shopping and you have to spend $50 while you're shooping (tax not included) in all. So, I need help with that.
If I used $50 at a grocery store, how much tax would I need to pay?
@Madi_Hopscotch_ would you because all able to help me


So you need to figure out how much tax $50 would have? There is probably an online calculator, I will look it up!


Thanks, madi! My mom told me 10% but I'm not sure how much money that would be or if it would fit 50%


20 i think!but i'll check


I think it is 33% so the tax would be $16.50? I'm not good with taxes XD


Okei dokei thanks but I think it's five dollars


Ok that sounds about right. :slight_smile::+1:


It depends on what state you are at in the United States


I live in Illinois so my mom said five bucks but I dunno


For Illinios, the sales tax on a $50 purchase would be anywhere from 3-5 dollars. 4 sounds like a good middle ground.


Le cough.


Do you still need help? :D
It looks like people have helped you already!