I'm making a drawing of some forumers!



Ok, the title says most of it.
I'm making a drawing on paper that will feature some forumers.
To get into this drawing tag me, and I will select 5-10 peeps!


Age:(not necessary)
Hair color:

tag list

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Um, draw me, please? :D

Is there a form?


Hang on, I'll make one.


Thanks! :33333333333


There, I made the form.


@Artistic_cat, can you a cartoon character for me named Shiratori Hime


Kay, it will be part of one big drawing!


Draw me!

Age:(not necessary) I am currently 11 and 9 months, not so old!
Hair color: Jet black, long, parted to the left and done in a plait. My hair is hip-length, but when it's braided it comes to my waist.
Eyes: Dark brown, with long lashes.
Clothes: Long-sleeved blue plaid shirt(not tucked into the skirt), knee-length denim skirt, dark grey long socks.
Extra: Bobby pin in hair, on the left side of head, wavy side down.

That's it!

P.S: If you can't draw plaid draw a long-sleeved blue blouse with buttons. :)


(This drawing won't be done tell probably January)


I'll be in it :3


Age: 11
Hair color: Brown and sort of blonde-ish?
Eyes: Hazel (brown, green, and a little yellow)
Clothes: Whatever you want XD
Extra: If you're doing poses, then I'll be doing a thumbs up and goofing around like a crazy person :stuck_out_tongue:


(I really exited too draw all of this!)


Here :grinning:


Thank you so much! :D


Thanks fren! This just might become my new profile pic!


Age: 11 years and 8 months old
Hair color: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Clothes: um idk but I like light blue if it helps! :D
Extra: Thanks soooo much!


I wuvwuvwuv your profile pic!




Age: I'm a teenager
Hair color: a very dark brown
Eyes: Hazel?
Clothes: Just pyjamas.
Extra: i'm slightly reddish


Age: NOT REVEALING IT. MUAHAHA. (Somewhere Between 12 And 15.)
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eyes: Blue With Green Towards The Center
Clothes: IDK. A Dress I Guess.
Extras: My Hair Is Long And Slightly Wavy.