Im making a 10 person collab!


hi hops! since there are many collars out there i was like, WHY NOT?BTW I am NOT coping @Explorer_. Also, I am only accepting 10 peeps to be in this collab.One last thing! i will be making an account collab thing. I already how we are going to share passwords. So here are the things that you can do if you want to be in the collab:

Background Makers(2)
Beta testers(2)
Loading Screen(1)
HSB finder(2)



Thank you so much! Also if you want to be in the collab, you have to show me a project so i can see if u can get in.

People in collab



Hoi, I'll Be A Music Maker Please :3


I'm not on the OMTL, be sure to use the official one in PopTart0219's topic. :slight_smile:


Hi! :3

Please use the real OTML! :3

Here's the topic.


thanks @Maltese and @Gilbert189


ok! please show me a project of music!


Hi, I would like to be a planner!


hi! before being in the collab you have to show my a plan of something. (since thats what you want)


You're welcome! :DD


XTRA job!

Being my personal assistant. They are automaticly BETA testers and help me on what the project or things should be about. They also get 2 jobs and help me so much.


I'm just going to post a plan here:

So my plan is to maybe make a relaxing scene!
Maybe the music maker could create a nice melody to fit the scene.
And the background maker could kind of make like a pink, blue and purple beach sunset.
The HSB finder could help find the right colors for the background maker.
And the loading screen could be a relaxing white colored wave moving and splashing and you repeat this until the load is over. You would also put LOADING on top of it.
If this is not the type of plan you want, then could you tell me :sweat_smile:


I love it! Thats a great idea! Your in! Ket me update the first post


Hooray, I'm in the collab!
I would love to see how this group grows, and the projects we make!
Sorry, got too carried away.


Can I be a HSB Finder?


its ok! btw if you want another job, (i forgot to add in first reply) you could do trail art or show me some people that you know that can.


ok! buy first show me a project of 3-5 HSB colors with the name plz


Okay, I'll be working on it!


Got it!


Well I am going to be off, looking for some Pokemon on Pokemon Go.


Can I be a loading screen!
I'm really good at those
Any type
Different for everything