IM LP AGAIN! (Read b4 u think I've been possessed)



I kinda don't like the name ToastedFlame :joy::joy:
So... I kinda want to know if you like the name Beige!

  • Yayayayayayayayayayayayayay!! Do it!!
  • I like TF... :cry:
  • What will be your signature now? (Me: Just my whole name on the bottom! You know, Beige.)
  • Idc


I'm now LotsaPizza:pizza:!
I hope you appreciate that I take your opinion.
LP is back!


Woah. Lots of name changing. The problem is they're all super cool names! (First ;3 )

  1. Snow day!
  2. Change it back to LotsaPizza, I really liked that


Lucky you ;-;


Apparently it was a "light dusting"


Keep @LotsaPizza. The Only Reason Is Becaue I'll Forget Your New Name Every Time I Search.


But someone took the name LotsaPizza now!!! Unless that was you... You can't go back! I like the signature for TF though! It looks cool:+1::+1::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


@SmileyAlyssa, @LotsaPizza Can Add :spaghetti:'s And :pizza:'s At The End Of Her Name.


Yeah whenever I search Lotzapizza it says they have posted no projects cause it's not you so your name has been stolen! Switch back!


To be honest, I liked LP better! :grin:




I like like the name Lotsapizza I'm glad you changed it back!


Now we have to change Hopscotchified AGAIN?! Seriously?! XD

jk idk

I do like LP though..

EDIT: yas I changed all ToastedFlame and TF things to LotsaPizza and LP things in both books


Oh Mai god stop LP pls XD


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I thought your name was Dia...


yea it is
but call meh deedee :wink:


Okay deedee. Heehee!


I don't get toasted flame. Was the flame in a toaster? Was the flame burned? That's me in a nutshell lady's and gentlemen.


@iReesesCup she was eating toast and it caught on fire. Then the toast typed in the name ToastedFlame:fire: Then exploded. Doesn't everybody know this?