I'm looking for an artist! :)


Hey guys! I am making a big game, and the I need the help of artists. If you are interested, please look at my project. Thanks!

Accepting Requests!
Drawing On Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, shaping, etc) Topic 16 [OFFICIAL]



Obviously! Why can't I contribute more to the topic? :sweat_smile:


Can I change the title so it's a ? instead of a !, ugh I'm so OCD lol XD
Awesome topik Tho


Sure, thanks! :smile:


Oh, your the same account


Yeah :smile:. It's so much fun :laughing:


Okay, what sort of game is this? What sort of sprites do you need? Full-body, busts, and what expressions? Poses? Et cetera.

I'll see what I can do to help.


I have some more info in the HS project, and if you still have questions after reading it let me know!


Yes, the questions above that I asked were after reading the entire project.


Its going to be a story/game. I think I'll just need full body standing poses, and maybe a jogging pose for the characters (I can use it, it'd just be some extra work to code "Set Positions" and invisibilties and such, but it would add a really cool effect).


Ah. I can't do much, then.

Good luck on your game! ^^

OTML, OMTL, Can't spell apparently :P



I'm sorry! I do not have the app, because of my school


I can help!


Hey @Valgo, was there a reason for this? I'm confused as when I click on the project, nothing seems different.


It seems he saved it as a draft. You getremix notifications when it happens.


I'll try! :D


@Petrichor is right. I did save it as a draft, but then I deleted the draft because I realized I had to do something else. I might help :slight_smile:


I'll try to do this! I don't have hopscotch anymore but my old account was queen cool kitty if you want to give credit