Hey there wow you clicked on this topic :wave:
So.. I'm going to be leaving Hopscotch, and the forum too.
Probably no one will care, but if you guys really wanna know why, you can ask I guess.
It's not really final, but.. considering stuff, I think it's gonna happen, and soon (as in today's probably gonna be my last day)
This is basically just to let anyone know who's wondering why I'm not posting stuff because I'm too lazy to change my bio or anything, but I wanted to at least give you guys some closure on what's going on
Yeah that's all I really wanted to say k bye now

What happened to the Hopscotch Forum?



Why? ;-;

Pls dun leave ;-;
Bai fren ;-;


Why are you leaving?



I'll miss you so much!
You are awesome, senpai! ;-;

Goodbye! ;o;
I wish you gud luck in life, and have a great year! :D



Bai! I'm so, so, so sad about it but it's your descision.
You'll always be missed.
You're talented, special, and one of my best frens.
Thanks for being part of my Hopscotch family. Always be you. Keep being beautiful inside and out.

I have the best memories of you!

Good luck! Have fun in life! Always remember how loved you are. You'll always be in our hearts. Remember us chakins!

Goodbye and good luck, Tree Frog Studios



If you'd like to tell us why you're going then please do, my fren.



Why? ;-;

I'll really miss you, @Giraffedolphin26! ;-;

If it's about school starting, maybe limit yourself to a few minutes a day!

I'll miss you and everything you've done to help the community! ;-;



Just to lighten the mood (I'm still sad you're going, fren)

:3 <3


Miss you senpai <3


Oh people actually care about me wow :000
So here's why I'm leavin.g for those curious peeps
School starting, so I have no time anyways
hIgH sChOoL
I need to start spending time with my friends and figure out what the heck is happening with my life
I don't really like the new update anyways and I have no coding inspiration
I basically am only here to post drawings, because where else do I participate lol
I need to focus on school work and stuff
I spend way too much time here tbh
+ more reasons I can't think of

I'm sorry to leave all you guys (you're so nice and sweet and frenli omg) but trust me, this is for the best.


:fearful: Please remember us. :cold_sweat:


Please don't go! ;-;
You're one of my inspirations! ;-;
If you leave I will cri ;-(


Aww ;-;

Have great time at school, with frens, this month, this year, your laif!
Remember us ;u;

senpai, I'll miss you!


k bye


Bai I will miss you!



Oh well, it's for the best. D:


I'll really miss you, you're such an inspiration to me.

and I hope your self-confidence's funeral went okay

And have a great school year. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing. :DD


Whyyyyyyyy please!!!!! Don't leave!!!!!! Please!!!


Okay fren!

Have fun with that stuff and I'll miss u


Ok bye! Have fun surviving high school! Lele Pons has a great book on how (though I haven't read it. xD) We will miss you!