I'm leaving.... Won't be coming back 😂


Yes, that's the joy emoji. See: :joy:=: joy:

I don't have time anymore. I don't care anymore. If you wanna know who've I communicated I'll pull out a list


Probably more. So yeah. My life is more important.


Ok bye


I am sad right now :frowning:


Thanks for not caring


Cool. Everyone hates me anyways. And don't pity me. This is my pity party


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Ok... I'll miss you! You are an amazing person! Have an amazing life!


Ok ;-;

Bye then :0


Alright then, bye :frowning:

everyone is leaving


Last post k bye


You didn't do anything. It's mostly school and my social life


I said bye.. I do care! It makes me sad when people leave.. I don't even like to think about it.

I said ok because you seemed happy that you were leaving and I want people to be happy


Goodbye. ;-;

I'll miss you.


Ok, Bai ;-;

I'll miss you D:




Bye, I wish we could have collaborated more as coding partners. ;-; Enjoy life! :)


Y is this post flagged? There's nothing wrong.


At least you're happy about it....


Err k bye then! :wave:🏼
C ya


Friendship made an alt account after she got banned but it's best not to talk about it :wink: