I'm Leaving Topics


I thought I'd share with you my thoughts and experience with "Im lea.ving" topics.

But wait! You made an I'm lea.ving topic once Malie!

Thats before I realized the forum isn't the place for I'm leav.ing topics. The forum Is a place to get advice, give advice, have fun, grow the community, create stronger bonds with other hops, and so much more. The only way we can continue to grow this place is by keeping a strong foundation. Also, why make an I'm leavi.ng topic? So you can have a pity party and get more attention? Trust me, it doesn't work. What happens is you get your pity and attention until that topic dies out. Then your back to your same spot.

Let me restate. I believe the forum is not the place for Leav.ing topics. The filter even blocks out the word "Leav.ing" That's why I put a period in the word every time I type it.

I would really appreciate if we, the hops of the forum, could take initiative to find a solution to LT (Leav.ing topics). If your really in need of support, or have low self esteem, maybe we could make a topic about it so we could help out people who need some support.

I've kept this in for a while, and I'm not sure if I am the only one who feels this way, but I hope this didn't make anybody mad/sad/annoyed/what not. Thanks, and if you have any ideas about ways we could solve this, maybe reply, or what not. Tinks!


I feel like I've made a topic like this. But I don't know. But great topic! I totally agree with you.


This is great!
My only TINY question is: what if someone leaves? How do they say it?? Their friends will wanna know!