I'm leaving this forum


I'm not going to be on this forum for a bit because this person thinks I am ■■■■■■■■ her just because I said stupid is not a cruel word to say,


Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry if this was my fault. Please, let's not leave or anything like that. You are a wonderful part of the community, and do not worry, everyone bickers! It would be wonderful if you stayed!


No I'm NOT wonderful everyone hates me! Just because I say censored by @Follow4LikesOfficial. They're not bad words! Everyone gets mad at me because I like Harry Potter. I have, like, over fifty flagged posts.


You are awesome andnimam not just saying that. Do not leave please I might seem mad at you sometimes but I not please don't leave


Ok....,..... Um............. Bye then


It might not sound bad to you, but it is really rude, and can be really offensive. Try to use them less! :wink:


Oh, my. Those words, especially the first, can be considered rude! If it is alright with your friends and famiy, you should certainly say whatever you want, but here, those words aren't generally welcome. And nobody dislikes you! I certainly don't, you are very nice.


They can be considered rude. Stupid and those other words you said can be rude and there are younger kids on here too. Try not to use bad words


@friendship2468, I love you as much as a family member. But I don't like swears. I love Harry Potter just telling you @friendship2468. You are such a sweet women to me.


No one gets mad @ u 4 liking HP! Just because some people think that your words are unkind, doesn't mean you should leave. We just think that hatred can't solve problems. Look back at how much you've accomplished! You've made friends, shared great art, and made great topics! Why are you so convinced that you need to leave the forum?


Oh geez. Is there really going to be topics about leaving forums!? Look @friendship2468 I'm sorry about how you feel and agree with you. I just feel like this is kind of an unessassary topic.


Please do not leave! You are a great friend! no one is mad at you for liking HP. Just try not getting off topic :wink: I suggest when you want to talk about HP you make a post with something on topic and off topic to prevent getting flagged.


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Agree. Everyone should cool off for a little while, and I have a feeling @friendship2468 will come back soon.


Sorry if you're not happy about some things I said you're a great person


You didn't really do anything wrong. Like @Follow4LikesOfficial said, at first glance, her words may look cruel. Anyone would have thought it was rude to talk like that! And yes, I am sure @friendship2468 is coming back sometime soon.


@friendship2468 you don't have to say that.... I mean the forum is just to get help and ideas...and ummmmm okay bye....I guess


Try re-reading your posts before you post them because some words may seem rude to others;) I hope you stay


We love Harry Potter too! And I was Hermione Granger for Halloween last year!


I am so sorry I should have not even meen I could not sleep last night I am crying I am sorry!please come back!