I'm leaving-TheRealBlah


Well the title explains it all. I am leaving. I don't receive support on projects and what not. I might be coming back. Or not. It depends on the mood.


Nuuu fren ;-;

Pls don't leave D:
It's ur choice tho ;-;

Bai fren


I'll be on for another 2 hours. People don't even care about me.


I care about you!


The majority don't know or care about me. Then there is the Olympic contest. My main motivation to quit.


I have too much stress on me put on by it. I don't care if @Ella_13 cares or not. I'm quitting. @BB-Box also this isn't my sister.


I constantly have haters. I just started to be on the forum. However there is these good friends, @KVJ @BB-Box @DA-BEASTY.



No one hates you!

I don't!

Stay on the forum

It's a happy place with nice people

Please don't leave


As I said, the Olympic Contest. I already have a stuffed up project. I have to quit. @happyfacegirl and @Ella_13 WILL NOT REMOVE ME. My only solution is to quit. Or get on @TheRealBlah_backup.


It's not a happy place for me. It in fact made me more depressed.


If you really want to quit the contest, you can. They can't track you down IRL and punish you.

You shouldn't be leaving because of this


Well it will ruin my reputation. Also I'm going to Massecutishs soon.(I'm not American so don't blame me). @Ella_13 will track me down and punish me.


Here, get on my collab account. I have some confessions to make. Tag me when ready.


She can't do that

There's no way she can find where you live.

Quitting a competition might have a few people be mad at you, but it'll blow off in a few days

It's not enough to ruin your reputation


R U ready for the password?


I can't do that,

Not only do I not know your password, but hopscotch isn't working here

Sorry :(


Oh, I guess later. Your one of my good friends on THF. Also @Lightningstrike it's my Collab account. Not my actual account.


Thanks :)

Your a great friend

I'm gonna try somthing, but I don't know if it'll work

Edit: it didn't work, nvm


You can't leave!!! I was going to give u my hopscotch account when I leave... now, I can't!


Really? Well people support me now. The Olympic Contest. I might not be leaving. Should I leave?

  • LEAVE!
  • Noooo, don't leave!


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