I'm Leaving The Forums


There is WAAAY too much drama going on on the forum. I'm sick and tired of it. So until you peeps get your act together, I'm gonna be gone. I'll still check the forums to see if they get any better, but I will not post anything. Sooo... yeah. Bye!



Bai then!
Is your general topic an exception to not posting tho?





I have no words......
To be honest now, well for me I stopped caring about drama and just moved on.... but k.
Your still on hopscotch tho, so that's good.


Bye, @KarmicSans2 :cry:

I have considered leaving for this same reason a couple of times but decided that leaving isn't going to make things better. Instead, I will stay to help the forums change and go back to how they were before the drama happened. Will you consider doing this?


I didn't start the drama


I don't think @KarmicSans2 wanted this to be a topic for accusations, maybe delete that? :)


Yes, but I won't post anywhere else, no matter what.


@MR.GAM3R brings up a good point, your leaving because of the drama but you choose to leave it alone and let the people who want to clean it up do it. That's called running from problems but really it's your choice


please come back soon


Please don't! Your special. Your @DA-BEASTY's coding partner. Don't you know how cool he is?


I don't blame you. The forums have been crazy these past weeks.
Public Account Wars
No Leaders
So yeah, it's been busy. I'm kinda a little depressed because of it. I'm mean like, it's not fun to go to the library after school and go on the forum and see 3 topics closed that are negative.
I want general topics to kinda take over XD
Or contests :3


Oh I forgot to say I will miss you.
I will miss you my smol potatoe.


Don't bruh... here is da-password to KARMIC-BEASTs account check hidden message... (no one else look at hidden message)


Who is doing drama here,in the forum?I didn't see anyone doing that.:confused:


I will still talk to you on my general topic, so don't worry about that. And @Razor, I've tried to do as much as I possibly can, but it won't make a difference. I've tried rallying others to my cause, and that didn't work. That is why I hope you will respect my decision.


Maybe you just should take a break and come back when the drama is over. I respect your decision but I really want you to stay!


Alright. That didn't take as long as expected, but in @Zachyswag's own words: The forum is back to normal! So, I guess I'm back!


Yup! There may be a little drama here and there, but we're mainly done with all the drama!!!!! Hyayayayayya!!!!! :D


Bye. I hope that you will eventually come back to the forum!