I'm leaving the forum



For a little bit!

I have lacrosse over the summer, because I got into a very competitive league for the summer. I'm the team goalie!

I'm going to a baseball game soon, we got legend seats! (Free food of all kind, in seat waiters, private walkways, it's pretty cool)

And we booked a beach vacation towards August.

All of these events and more will make be on less, and some days, I might not be on at all! This was just a announcement, carry on.

I know the title thing were I make you guys think I'm actually leaving is overused, I just had to. I know it's not a big deal if I leave but whatever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool! Have fun! We'll miss you while you're gone. :)


Wow, thanks! I'll still be on a little, so do you think it will affect my regular status? I might be on some days more than others!


Have fun!

I love lacrosse :D


Do you play lacrosse?


But not this summer :wink:


You're very welcome. It most likely won't affect it. Just make sure to stay caught up by reading posts!


I hope you have fun playing lax! I played at the Naval Academy at a summer camp. They choose 31 girls and I was chosen as one of them!


Oh no ! When will you be back on the forum ? By the way, are you on hopscotch and if you are , then what is your username ? Mine is silver dolphin


Awesome! I'm in a summer league.

What position do you play?

(Sry for being kind of off topic, I'll get back on topic after this)


Thanks! My coach picked 15 girls to play, I'm the goalie!


My hopscotch username is Bluedogmc!

I'll be on a little, but this summer is hectic for me I'll be on less!


Ok that is fine ! My summer is hectic too as well but with work :frowning:


My Friend Plays Lacrosse And Her Friend Dislocated Her Knee Cap Playing Lacrosse


:grimacing: I hope she's ok! I get a lot of bruises from being a lax goalie :joy:


Have fun! :D


You scared me :0

Well, have fun! We'll miss you! Bye :3


Wow, I honestly didn't think anyone would be scared! :grinning:

Thanks @SmilingSnowflakes and @treefrogstudios!


You're welcome :slight_smile:

I'm scared by everything XD


You scared me! :sweat_smile:

Have a good time!