I'm leaving the forum and hopscotch


... For two weeks!


I scared you there, didn't I?
And yes, I did get the idea from @Gilbert189 and @BuildASnowman. I know it's overused, but I couldn't resist! Anywho, here's the story:

Long version

For the rest of this week, I'll be at the beach. I won't be on a lot, but I'll still have wifi access! :D
Shortly after I get back from the beach, I'll be taking a plane up to Wisconsin, to visit my grandparents and cousins! I probably won't have wifi there, and even if I do, I'll be realllly busy and not have time to use the forum. My Grandpa just got remarried, and my baby cousin is learning to walk, so I'll be preoccupied xD.

short version

I won't have internet for two weeks.

See ya!


You did scare me! Lolz



I'll miss you! Have fun, it sounds like a great time (except no Internet)


There'll be so much to do, I doubt I'll miss wifi at all!


Ah, I wish I had fun holidays like that! :3


Makes me wanna ask what your doing for summer...


You may ask!

When I say 'fun holidays like that' I mean going to see relatives and all that...

I have holidays that are fun but rather lonely.


Have fun!! @OnceUponATime


I shall I shall


I hope you have fun!! Also how do we know each other in real life's??@onceuponatime


I don't think we do!
Where did you hear that?
I said I knew @Mystic_Woods irl, not ypu!
but who knows, maybe we do... >:D


Please answer how do we know each other In. Real life??


I don't think we do.


Oh lol you were like..I think we know each other irl?? And I was like whhhaaaatt? How?. Also I love the show once upon a time!


Let's not argue, mkay?



Oh right…
Have fun!

Yes, you got me :joy:


I know >:3
I get 'em every time
People never stop falling for it xD


Can't argue with that :wink:



And I was saying that to someone else,
Sorry to confuse you!


I know I'm sorry about that...but the I was like maybe your a friend of mine because I have a friend who is fourteen who loves once upon a time so I was getting all excited that she joined!!