I'm leaving. Thank you so much


I'm leav.ing hopscotch. Don't talk me out of it unless you want to be eaten. There are a lot of reasons why I'm doing this. The full info is on my profile. I'm leav.ing hopscotch, yes, but not the forum, becuase i'll miss the people i've met too much.


Okay wish we would have met we live in the same state but bye...




I can still talk to you on the forum, but for hopscotch this is goodbye.


I really hope you don't go, we make mistakes but we can apologize and carry on,

But I don't want to get eaten so, bye. Have fun


heh. I'll still be staying on the forums, don't worry. And i'm not leaving becuase I've made mistakes, or at least not fully. It's damaging my grades and social life.


Oh, yeah. Grades and off hopscotch life are very important :slight_smile:


Feeling down?


Since the forum isn't as addicting, I can stay on there safely. But hopscotch...not so much. I'll be on there to finiah @Silver_girl's contest, but that's all.


heh. Good advice. I'll still be on the forum, so you can annoy me with kawaii gifs all you want. I suppose I am having a very bad day...
or week...
or month...
or year.


Being eaten is worth trying to save a wonderful hopscotcher from leaving..... Please don't leave


Heh. Thanks... That's really kind of you to say so. If you look on my profile, you'll see that I revoked my desicion due to some very caring people... But i'm sort of unhappy at the moment.


I say "heh" to much.


Why are you so sleepy at a time like this? Lel. It's not a crying emoji.


I say hehe meant to be pronounced heh heh




Aww! I'm really sad now! D:

I hope you have many more fun times up ahead though.


Unless it's because of addiction ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I will now find a way to use that photo