I'm Leaving Soon



I'm going to Flordia in one week, I won't be able to bring my iPad to Florida so I won't be on HS and HSF, I'll miss ya guys when I'm in Florida!
- @BlueStarGirl
P.S ( I'm getting a 3 story beach house :0)


Have a great time in Florida!


Cool :D

I think a handful of people know this, but

I used to live there xD

Are you going north flordia or south? (I lived in south)


Um, let me check, I'm going on google maps!


Have a great time!

Enjoy it! :D


Have fun in Florida (even though Zika is there)!



Just warning us, it's gonna be pretty hot there.

In February it's like 70° F
So I'm August..

Well anyway, have fun!


Cool :D

I dont know what else to say... besides I used to live there and have fun.....


Zika is extremely rare to get, I just looked it up
Fewer than 1,000 US cases per year :3


I used to the heat, I've gone there twice :3


Even so, be careful for mosquitoes!


I'm going yo Florida too in one week!


I kill mosquitoes @MobCraft, I can handle it


OMG, what part of Florida are you going to?


I cant see masquitoes......

I mostly wave my arms like an id.iot.....
I can see why tho.... Cough jeff.....


What part are you staying


I just killed one right now
I'm amazing


I'm not giving away what part of Flordia now, someone could find me and do bad things :0


:0 too bad! I think western Florida maybe

Sry for off topic

Are going to judge my contest? If so, I need it done today plz