I'm leaving. Something happened. (Returned)


I Thought this over and you guys can't change my mind. I'm taking 2-3 day break and see if things get better. If you're wondering why I'm so sad and depressed check out this quote.

If I don't feel better after that then I'm leavin.g permenently.

Thank you for being there

Bye, hope you feel better after a while @Zachyswag!


Awwwwwww okay. Hope you feel better soon :confused:


Well guys, this is my last post today. Bye. :cry:



Please stay!

For me!

puppy eyes


It's my fault that you're leaving


What do you mean? You didn't have anything to do with it.


I'm KayKay
If you didn't know


I hope you feel better, have a nice break. :)


It's not. There's stuff irl that makes me want to take a Break.


Don't be sad!if you are sad I will feel sad too!!

If your friend need to kill himself try to make him happy in school!hope you could stay happy and don't leave here



puppy eyes(don't leave plz





:cry: I hope you feel better soon.
See you!


Why is life so confusing.


Yes, can you please sign my and mr hot dogs petitions.


Here's mine


Yay! Support for my topic!


You're volunteer
You can volunteer to sign our petitions and put in the fake info


What happened over the weekend!?

Don't leeeeeaaaaave