I'm leaving. No regrets



I think I might quit the hopscotch forum. I'm just done with everything. Sorry guys, but don't bother to post comments like "nuuuuu dunt lev!!!1" or "we'lol miss you so much fren D:" because deep down, both me and you know you don't. I don't belong here, I belong somewhere else. I'm sick of the hate and the flame wars. I'm leavin.g and I don't really regret it. See ya NEVER.




Alright. Bai. D:
You will be missed. ;(




Don't say that! /:3






What what what nooo you're the only other barb/nicki fan here besides sweetlina and I :sob::sob:


You were my BFf I guess not anymore


K, sorry you're gone, tag me and I'll welcome you if you ever come back.


Well ok..
Even if you say otherwise
We will always miss you


nuuuu fello whipped creem fren ;n;



Bye..... (I'm leav.ing too......).........


The forums are just, I guess you could call it having a flame war age or phase. Don't worry, it'll go away soon.

Anyways, if that doesn't stop you, bye :) Have a fun time coding


Before u leave I have something to say...

nuuuuu dunt lev!!!1 we'lol miss you so much fren D:

lol I'm funny! But seriously, you belong here! It's your choice if you want to leave or not, but you do matter in this community, just as everyone does!