I'm leaving for today and possibly for tomorrow for a good reason!


No, I'm not leaving for a bad reason. The reason is amazhang, and when I come back you'll all be happy I left! Trust me! This is the right desicision and if I do this this would make my biggest hopscotch achievement, but I don't want to tell you guys what it is cuz it's a secret!



Trust me! It'll be worth it! :slight_smile:


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to use the OMTL.


Well, bai everyone!


Lol, no one cares except @Snoopy.


Alright! Have a great break!


Ok! Good reasons are good XD!


I 100% wanna know!


You can find out tomorrow or maybe today if I fast. It's gonna be so worth it.


I'm so excited for tomorrow XD


I wanna know XD

Have a good break!


I really wanna know! Tell me Zachy! XD

Well, I'm happy for you if the reason is really good! Have a nice break!
When will you be back?


Okay, have a nice break. I am excited!


Noo a secret!! :OOOO


Oooh exciting! Will you tell us what it is when you some back?


Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


Have a nice break, Zach! :D

—Lucy (surname)


Your gonna go to HS HQ!
You had a chat with THT and your gonna get a game changer!


I care and cooooool :smile::smile: lol


It's been a day



No. Not till next year.