I'm Leaving for a Little Bit



I'm going to leave for a little bit to focuse more on school because Hopscotch has really made me distracted during class and my grades are falling. I'm just going to regain my bearings. I can't wait to be back... Hopefully sooner than later.


Oh no! Sorry to hear this! Hope you come back soon!


Oh No! I will miss u so much, get good school grades and tag me when you get back! I feel like u have a good point, school before other things!


I hope you come back soon and your grades get better! Good luck!


Why don't you try to do a deal with your parents where you are still aloud to pay Hopscotch but if you grades don't get any better after a week you are not aloud on hopscotch for 3 months


You don't have to come daily. You just have to be on weekly! That's all we want! Maybe you can get on on Sunday's.


Aww! I'm sorry to here about this! Try to be more focused in class than on hopscotch but check whenever is a good time! I'll miss you :D


I understand! I'm not going to be on as much because of school, also!

If it helps, make a folder or something on your iPad for Hopscotch and don't click it until you are out of school! That's what I do! I have hopscotch free school days.