I'm leaving for 36 hours :(



hi everyone! wow, thats the first time I've posted without starting with hi!!!!!!
any way, I'm taking a break for 36 hours, no it's not because of school (it's actually the school holidays where I live)
it's because my parents like to have a 'non technology day' about once a month, so that means no technology for a whole day! :frowning:
so yeah that means no hopscotch tomorrow for me :frowning:
and it will be 36 hours because where i live it is night, so I'll be asleep for 12 hours, be awake for twelve hours and then asleep again. se yeah, that all for now byyyyeeee!
P.S I don't know if anyone will read this, because I'm not that well a known hopscotcher anyway, and if you do then thx :heart:
PP.S: I've read the most post this week! (37.0k!)
PPP.S: If I can get 3 likes on this post I will be very happy! I'll have 2 hundred likes!!


I could never do that! What will you do?


I don't know!!!!
I'll probably read, and then eat, and then read some more...


I probably need to do that because i have a report due next Monday and im not finished with the book


201likes!!!!!! thx!!!


WOW!! Thx everyone for all the likes!
P.S: I'm aloud on here while my mothers gone to the gym (I'm not lying):smiling_imp:


Oh well see ya soon I guess