I'm Leaving! Bye


Hi! I'll be taking a break until September 3.For more info check out https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y6mm8wtjp
Umm...I'm going to close this topic soon


I hope you do well on it! :D




Didn't scare me because of the ! :stuck_out_tongue:


we meet again twin


Do you want @Hero_Dino to stay?

  • Yes
  • Of course!


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She's not leaving forever, it's just for a few weeks!

HD has a school exam, and is going to be off until September 3rd, getting ready for it. She's not leaving for good! :wink:

@Hero_Dino Good luck on your exam! We'll be ready for your return! :D


I looked at the project.


Good luck on the exam! :smiley:


Thanks for the support HSer!
I won't be leaving,just really inactive.(it's 10 times da inactivity)


What do you mean by 'this is my change for further notifications'?


Good luck! And I guess there are two potter puppet pals now...


You scared the life out of me bai!


I remember this topic lol...


Are you still leaving ??


Nope! I might coz I'm too addicted to the forum


Same here but I am not going to leave !! One day I might up when I become to old but for now , no !,