I'm leaving because of subscribing EDIT: nevermind



This isn't really help with code, but I am leaving. Because of subscribing.

I mean, I don't have any money! And 99% of the Hopscotch community is going to have customized profiles and images.
The other percent of us will have, like, NOTHING!

I mean, I wasn't using Hopscotch because I had gotten tired of it, it wasn't as powerful, there were a ton of limits. I was going to come back to it when it was more powerful, had images, and better profiles. The mobile Scratch. Now I check on it, and it's $80.00! A YEAR! FOR ALL THE STUFF I'VE WANTED! I was like, okay, that's not too much. Then I saw that the free version would get fixes and slight improvements. I was like, YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY! I mean, this is going to be like Microsoft releasing Windows 10, and doesn't add stuff to Windows 8 anymore. But they still support it.

I'm wondering if this means only paying people are going to get new blocks and things. Because that would be horrible. Like, when you use a programming language, you get all of it. Hopscotch would be saying, "Hey, pay money to get more coding blocks."

Ad seriously, Hopscotch, everyone wanted images. THEY DIDN'T WANT TO PAY FOR THEM. Even this limit lowers the possibilities of things you can make for free.

Please answer my question, I will be watching this thread. but I'm not going to change my mind.

I'm staying with Scratch.

Hopscotch King left too, for Scratch. I advise you to join him if you're not going to pay.


What tutorials do you want?

I'm not getting the subscription, and neither are a lot of other people here! Please stay and code with us! We'll have fun :wink:


Ok, fine, I'll think about it. But what would you think if only paying people got new blocks?


Not 99%.
@KVJ, @Gilbert189, and a lot of people (like me) aren't getting it.
Also, THT needs money.


That's not true. When THT says they will still make improvements to the free version, they will.

A lot doing want/can't afford the subscription! About 1% of hopscotch including me had teh subscription right now :stuck_out_tongue:
You will get new blocks and cool things! Subscribers just get a little more!

I have the subscription and it doesn't really make a difference Atleast right now xD
THT needs money for their company, I met them before, they have a smol team and a smol app and if they want to make it awesomer they need money :D


Yeah, and the image moderator team. However, I don't see why the people who have worked on Hopscotch for free need money now? They're committed to improving it.


Okay, I was exaggerating.


But to improve it, it costs money, their office, costs money, they need to pay their employees :D
There's a lot of expenses of running a business that they need to pay for! :)


Yeah, But look at this. At their features list at the top of the page, the last one is:
* All the awesome features we release in the future


Bye. Also I think you helped me on a project two years ago. Lol™ I misspelled the place that face you credit. Anyway, 99% WON'T have it. Anyway, bye D:


Are you serious...? Of course they need money.

People who work for companies get money. Money helps support people. THT needs money. Think about them.

They were operating off loans before, now they're not.

And k bye


They are running out of it. I still have less money than them, but I'm twelve and one person who doesn't need to pay for anything. So idek why I said that, 20 character limit mabye.


What happened to "I'm not going to change my mind?" XD

Also, not many people are getting the subscription. I'm not. I can't afford it. But I still think it's a good idea.


I'm not paying, but I'm not leaving hopscotch either!
THT also needs money to run hopscotch, but Scratch doesn't.
They'll also still update both versions!


You people are convincing. :slight_smile:

I think I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.
@Themasterofairjitzu I don't remember that.

Tagging @smishsmash


Did you see my post above?

Oh, and I'm saying hi/bye to @CreativeCoder because they collaborated with me.



Join the fridges!


Um.... :neutral_face:
@t1 could you close this?


Not even close to 99%.
It's more like 50-60%!
Heck, even 40%!


THT needs money so they made subscriptions. But they want coding to be available for everyone so the app itself is free :wink:

Join us fridges and freezers who don't subscribe. You can still get Featured or Game Changers