Im leavin.g, bye


My last post um very rude I'm sry but I am leaving for a while oh I'm sry @tankt2016
This memory will placed write next to when I punched my best friend :cry: ughh by


There are nicer ways to say that..




I'm sry I said it as nice as I could


@SimplySouthernGurl is write I'm leabeing maybe for ever by :cry:


Please try and state that nicer.

And who keeps changing the topic titles? Just tag us rather than changing it, unless it's offensive or innapropriate.


Please don't change the titles of topics for no reason. There's no drama, he's saying he's going to leave. Doing that attracts attention to this topics and actually starts drama


SimplySouthernGirl changed it so I changed it back to what my mind could remember it as before


no please stay I hate it when people sre part of my family on Hopstotch please don't leave...maybe just pretend to start over​:grinning:


My edit history is acting up right now, so I can't tell. :sweat_smile:


Just by see you well see you


don't leave please....I will be ur friend if you don't leave I bet you have a sweet heart on the other side of the screen


I don't think it's possible to check title edits, unless it's a secret leader power that I'm not aware of xD


I believe regulars can do it only on global edit posts or something, and leaders can do it on any post. :D


It is a secret le- I've said too much.


I did it before

I probaly was a regular though.


Frosty you sound concerned again



Tap the orange/gray pencil in the corner of the post to see edit history.




:disappointed_relieved: Bye! I hope you come back soon!