IM LEAV?ING THE FORUM!? (And maybe hopscotch too)



Hi Hops! Lately I have been a business called Downright Dreamers. Since I'm, I will no longer be in the DownrightDreamers.

Why I'm

Well, i have a lot of stress rn, and I can't go on the forum much. Also, I haven't been posting oh HS much by I have camp this summer. Sorry if u don't want me to leave, but I am :frowning:


Im only leaving until September 10th Sorry if I scared u!

Overall, I'm on Saturday. I'm sorry to all my friends, especially @Maltese and @Explorer_ . I will miss u. Bai.



I hope you feel better soon! Goodbye! ;-;

Edit: Oh my gosh. XD
I didn't click the spoiler thing lol

y u do this >:0


Bye @KawaiiRose! I will miss you...


I gtg now, so goodnight!

#5 month? Well anyways, bye!



You shouldn't be sorry! D:

You're amazing! :DD

Aw, bye. ;-;

See you in September! :DD


I'm tomorrow... ;-;


I will miss you too! You scared me! So are you leaving downright dreamers forever?


not forever...


I got rid of addiction somehow by people that were stressing me out.

And stress-relieving coloring books.

Bye until you're back!


Awww...I'll miss you...partner!
Get it? 'Cause we were partners in Downright Dreamers?
Have fun in your vacation!


oh good, well see you in September! oh btw if the game gets released when you come back, i will have to tag you for the party


This scared me.
See you!


Why do they always get me?




See you in September @KawaiiRose!


Goodbye you guys! I will miss all of you!

Other spoiler

i may come a few days when I can't help it :3


I'll miss you friend, I'll miss you so much
Bye friend.
Bye bye.


I'm again guys. For 2 whole weeks. ;-; ;-; Imma miss u guys so much! I'm going to my grandmas house with no wifi!
Well, goodbye
6 more likes in first post and I'll get new badge! (Not begging, just sayin)


You get a new badge?