I'm kinda tired of waiting

I’m sorry, but I sent this email back in November of 2016.

Getting what I wanted in this email meant so much to me, and if one of the staff replies, yes I know what you’re going to say, and yes, I know you get hundreds of emails a day, but multiple people work at Hopscotch, and shouldn’t they be able to help with the emails? Even if you do get a little backed up on emails, it shouldn’t take 2 months to reply. And it’s weird, because sometimes you guys reply after only an hour of waiting, but sometimes you take a very long time, and this is the longest I’ve ever waited for a reply. This email meant so much to me, and I know this is probably a waste of a topic, and it’s gonna get flagged by someone.

Sorry THT if I was mean to you. I still love you all! You’re my role models!


Maybe you should tag them, then they will be more likely to see this​:slight_smile:

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I feel like my email might have gotten lost in the huge list of other emails. :frowning: Hope I get a reply soon.

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They didn't respond to my email about being unsuspended or suspending this rude person because they didn't wanna do it and they didn't care.

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They saw theemail but they didn't wanna reply.

They're busy. I asked them about a few things ages ago and they still au ent replied. Don't worry.

I ask them things on the nomination for featured channel.

Email again?

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Try re-sending the email, and see if they answer.

What you did was awesome and I know that THT will reply, and you will make their day.

They don't have a offical customer service there only a team of 8 if I am correct(yeah I think 8) so it takes longer for them to respond

I hope I will! :slight_smile:

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Oh, that's so weird.
Usually THT replies within a week.
One time Liza replied like in an hour!

i've never sent an email to the team so idk
they probs reply in a week like everyone else said
maybe ur device has problems