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Hey guys! So, many of you may know that I'm coding a game with @KarmicSans618 called OUR ONLY STAR. Well, I wanna take a break from coding that game and make a fan game!

The rules

The rules are simple: tell me ideas for the game or add on from something someone else said. Pictures will be shown after I finish each idea.

  • If your idea is taken, don't post that idea

  • If you're going to participate, please vote on the poll

  • You can only post 3 ideas

Good luck!

  • Story game
  • High score game



Anyone? Ideas? Please?


It depends on what idea you have. Depending on the idea one would work better than the other


Still no ideas? No? Ok....


Maybe a game based on the most recent Star Wars movie?


Or it can be a game where you find a crystal in a cave and make a light saber! (Making a force awakens game would be REALLY hard)


Do you agree to make a light saber game where you make your own?

  • Yes
  • No