I'm just looking through old topics 1



That's really good!

Great job so far :D




Thanks! It might take a long time though.


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"Sans, why are you in a pixel art?!" -pap
"you were in one too, bro." -sans

Looks cool. Good job.


Omg I was just looking at old topics ah I'm cringing


How to reduce cringe posts?

Everytime before you post, think, "in 6 months time, am I going to be going on about how cringey this is?"

If the answer is yes, edit your posts and repeat.


Finish sans pxl art pls



I don't have hopscotch, I deleted all my projects, annnnddddd idk what else to say


I find it funny that the pixel art that you got the most requests for is the one you don't finish.