I'm In the hopscotch email!



Guys this is like insane and crazy but I'm in the hopscotch email!!!

This is crazy and not only that my feature has 1200+ likes, 250+ remixs, & 18000+ plays :scream:

This is amazing guys and I can't thank you enough! :blush::kissing_closed_eyes::blush::blush::smile::blush::smile::blush::blush::blush:


Well done I saw this in the email :innocent:


Who HOO! Congrats! :clap::grinning:


Cool! Here's a like (I sprinted out of them) :heart:


I have a question. What do you mean by hopscotch email? I don't think I've got one of those before...


If you sign up for their newsletter you get emails like that.


What newsletter? XD

I wanna sign up :3


It's on their website I think. I signed up a while back.


Oh. Okay Thank you!


heres the link for it


Yep I did it. Thanks!


You deserved it!!! Nice job!!!


Great job! I loved that game!

I changed the title to make it a little more clear. I can change it back if you want, but the title made it sound like it was about people's em.ails.


I love it! Heres a like :heart: