I'm in the filter again!


No luck yet, but thanks!


I know you like the power of being a leader, but I think it would help if you asked the topic creator before editing it. It can become a little annoying.


@hansonnoah do you want me to change it back?


No, it looks really good.


That makes sense like my smoothie maker got stuck and it took weeks to make...


Try deleting then reinstalling the app, if you can't get any projects out, and if you can't, restart your iPad!


That was a good quiz!!


The team sort of responded. I think it was a machine though, as it was a pretty generic email that said they would respond soon.


Here is another link. I added some decorations.


sorry about not being able to publish the project before the finale. It's too bad I didn't get out a single Gravity Falls project.


It's out! It's finally out of the filter!


I saw it! I even liked it!



@hansonnoah - It looks like kahoot! (If yu know what that is)


It's help@gethopscotch.com or support@gethopscotch.com


Me loves Gravity Falls! Also, me no know what filter is:+1::sweat_smile: