I'm in the filter again!


It's been almost an hour now, and nobody has even played my new project, Gravity Falls Trivia.

I hope this is not too similar to other topics, but here are my main questions about the filter
  • is there any way to find a list of words that the filter classifies as bad(I did not swear in the project at all)?
  • are there any tricks that might let someone play a game that is in the filter?
  • what email account can I message to reach the hopscotch team?

Thank you all for being so helpful and supportive!

Here is the link to the project

Update: the project is out of the filter, but all remixes of it are still stuck. If you remix the project, it will not appear. Today I made the quiz twice as long. It was filtered out. If you want to play it, the link enclosed below.

here is the link


Update: I found the email that the team sent me (it was buried under a mountain of spam) they told me why it was taken down, and I got it out. Everything is resolved. If you have any problems with the filter, ask me here. I may be able to help.


Email them at help@gethopscotch.com

And did you use the word death or kill?

And I don't think there are any tricks!


Since I was stuck in the filter for about 3 months, I know a few ways to get out of it

-Email the Hopscotch Team (not sure where)
-Republish the project
-Delete and redownload Hopscotch(worked for me)


Hey! :sunglasses:

The filter is designed to push bad projects out. There are some specific words that are blocked. Is there one like kill or something that could be considered inappropriate in your game? I don't believe people can play projects that are in the filter, but we could try searching your project's name! You can contact the Hopscotch Team at: help@gethopscotch.com!

Keep Hopscotchin'!:wink:

  1. What were some possible words that may be considered bad?
  2. If you give us the link, we can play it on the forums!
  3. At the bottom right of the hopscotch screen, there is a help button. Click email, then email them!

I'm sorry this happened to you, this is really annoying!


I already tried to look for bad words, but I couldn't find anything remotely innapropreate. The questions just ask who made the show, and what character has what catchphrase. It's all pretty harmless. Thanks though!


Sometimes the filter makes mistakes!:stuck_out_tongue: Can you give us a link here so we can all play?




The link version has a lot of glitches for some reason. Sorry about that. Maybe it's just on my iPad, though.


I don't see anything hmmm


I am on iPad,air and its fine!


Super cool quiz! I got Bill!:wink::sunglasses:


Awesome!! One of the best quizzes I've seen in a while!


The reason: The bot thinks the project is too awesome, so it hogs it by playing the game 24/7

Then Liza has to push the bot so it will stop playing and let others play


I decided to simply delete hopscotch and redownload it. I've been stuck for days now and even tried making a new account. It isn't the projects but the app.


Annd nevermind. I'm making a new account, then.


who edited my summary at the top? It looks great, but I'm kinda confused.


I couldn't find the email you were talking about. I ended up using the one on the website under "contact us" it said hello@gethopscotch.com
Crossing my fingers it works!
Thank you for the help!


That was me, I just made it a bit easier to read :wink:


I think it's help@gethopscotch.com

Or you could just do,this: @liza