I'm helping with flame wars(and accepting people)


So, we need to stop flame wars to make sure everyone is safe on here.
If you have a flame war problem, tell me!!
I want to help make this a better place.
I have been in a flame war.
Not enjoyable.
I am accepting people to help me
Thx for helping!


I wanna help!!!!

Being caught in a flame war is no fun. I wanna help with that!


Sure, I'll help especially when the cause of the flamewar is funny


Okay, you can help. I will tag you when I need it! @Ihasfluffycupcakes, I will tag u too


Yay I is helper. Thee shall help dem people's in need.


Sure, thank you for doing this!


I'll help




Sound s good! I A my glad we have so many people to help!



Im In!!!



Cool. Also tag me if u see any flame wars going on.




Thx for tagging me!
I think Liza fixed it.


is there anything I can do to help u guys out? I don't want u to fight.


I am confused, what is going on?


Don't worry about it! My bad....