I'm having trouble adding images and screenshots to my post



Help! I'm have trouble adding photos and screenshots

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It's actually possible to do that?


Yes it can be possible


To add screenshots and photos you have to:

Tap on the icon shown on the picture and then:

Tap choose files, select your photo/photos and then Tap upload

Hope this has helped you!

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Thanks for your help :grinning::+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻


How do you draw in the picture like what you did with the arrows @PrettyBallerina ?


It's an app called Skitch!


Here's a post about it


@BraveDaisy I have an app called Aviary and i use that for my screenshots


This is a test


Yay! It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@BraveDaisy You Use An Image Editing Program.
NOTE: If You Want To Add The Picture To The Forum, Save The Picture To Your iPad And Follow The Instructions Like @PrettyBallerina Did.