I'm having Game trouble!


I'm making my Easter games but this one won't work, one carrot increases the score by 2 instead of 1 and the other doesn't increase the score like it's supposed to, please help! Link- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvj8szsbd


Hrmm... When I get home I'll try to smash that bug,!


Thanks! I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I've done the same before but this one isn't working :frowning:


Its a common bug, but I'm on my phone and cannot give help! Sorry!


Oh no! DONT LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE, you can, it's a sneak peak on games

I'm making a ton of games for Easter, I missed St.Patricks day because I had jumprope practice :confused: so I'm working hard and will unleash a ton of Easter projects. Hopefully I can make a lot and that this terrible bug gets squashed!


Good luck! Just knock on my door if you need help and I will help you out!


It's not a bug! :3
You coded it so it when the carrot is touching the bunny, the score would increase by one. But, if the carrot continues to touch the bunny, the score would keep increasing!

Maybe if you could make the carrot invisible after it touches the bunny, it would work! :D


@RenegadeBird1 @LazyLizard thanks for helping! I fixed it!


Great! I'd be willing to help with any more upcoming problems!


Thanks! @LazyLizard!!!!!!


Anytime! Out of likes whyyyy