I'm having a bad day... :(



Just kidding. Hah. Ah. Hah. My day is going just fine so far.

Anyways, I've noticed something. Now this was noticed by me on the forum, in real life, in online social media, etc. Before you go like to me and tell me it was proven by a guy in like 1639 or something, know that I used my own knowledge to tell you this.
Let me start by asking you a question.
Do you ever say "ugh, I'm having a bad day", but thinking back, only two or three bad things happened to you that day?"

  • I've never done that, and don't know what you're saying.
  • I've done that before!
  • I recall doing it, but I'm not sure.


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I've done that many times, along with many other things in the same category, like

  • missing 3 basketball shots in a row, and asking myself "why am I missing so much?"
  • Game crashes 2 times, I ask myself "why is it crashing so much?"

So why?

Why do we think like this?

To be honest, I have no idea. I'm not a psychologist. But I can ask you to refrain from doing these things. Unless you're having a really bad day when you've been struck by lighting, barfed 6 times, and got an F on all of your tests.

So the next time you say "why do I have bad luck, I lost 3 things today" or "why does my brother get to get to win twice and why do I lose twice", please backup your claim with more evidence.

Also, do you get the title now?

Your monthly dose of weird topics,


@SmilingSnowflakes make up your mind pls thicks


I am having a bad day. I mean it! I have a stomach bug..


lol my "bad day" was because I wasn't dominating in swim and was behind everyone today xD


If you say or think your day is bad, then it will be bad. If your say or think your say is good, and think of all the positive, amazing, awesome, cool, and good things that happened that day, then it will be good! :D

Feel better soon. :D




Awww I'm sorry.

My advice:

Try to get as much out of it as you can! Your parents probably feel bad and sorry for you, so maybe you can get something out of feeling sick!

don't judge my advice y'all probably do it too


Me too! :0000

I have the exact same thing XD

These things made me feel a bit better:

  • A heating pad

  • Mashed potatoes/Rice/Applesauce

  • HS! A lot of people supported me when I wasn't feeling well at all two days ago.

  • Imaginative frappucinos :DD

gices a heating pad, mashed potatoes, rice, applesauce, support XD, and imaginative frappucinos

Remember, a day isn't bad, it's just what you think it is.

You can easily say 'Today's a great day!' and everything will turn around for you c:


I've had times like this before.. maybe I'll be ignored once or twice on here and it'll feel like my whole day is ruined :stuck_out_tongue:
I remember once I went to a fencing competition and completely failed, the rest of the day I was really upset and felt like my day had been horrible, even though it had actually been pretty great XD
I guess what I'm saying is that I relate, and nice topic :D


But what if you jinx it?

Btw I'm using a dank translator (thx @Anonymous)


I hate to be a smart-alek but there weren't many scientists in 1639


You have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones, so bad days are... Neutral? Bad days aren't bad, unless it's really bad. So yeah I agree with what you're saying.

If you look on the bright side of things you can turn almost any "bad" day around.


Just wanted to say this but your username is on point


Which is the reason I chose that year


Couldn't you choose 200,000 BC?


True... XD


I jus say laik "bad things happened today, but my day is gud :D"


Bad things:

Striking out in a baseball game
Making an error in a baseball game
Losing one of your friends
All of the above in one day
Being bullied

By the way, how is this supposed to cheer the forum up? :smiley:


It's not a cheering up topic

It's your dose of weird topics edition July 2016