I'm hacked on Hopscotch (Please don't change tags!)


It was the weekend, so yay. When it is the weekend they respond usally on the following Monday, so they will respond today @Kiwicute2015!


Yikes! This doesn't sound good. When you say it was hacked, what was happening? How did you realize something was up? This info will help us fix the problem :smile:

I just replied to your email with a link to reset the password. Sorry that we didn't get to it immediately! The fastest way to reach us is help@gethopscotch.com because multiple people check that email. As @Phase_Studios said, on the weekend we can be slower to respond since we're not actually at Hopscotch HQ!


Thanks @Liza so much! Someone was able to publish from my accounts, and I ended up following Paw paw :feet:, liking a bunch of his/her projects, and remixing them.
I'm not blaming him/her though.


@Kiwicute2015 @Liza there is still no proof of who done this but I found this

It must be someone that's not famous on hopscotch. Hope this helps!
Besides the grammar.........


Oh my god :scream::scream::scream::scream:



Yeah thats crazy they just dont have anything better to do in their life


@Kiwicute2015 paw paw must of been so shocked. (Well, if it wasn't her.....)


The only one who responded. Sounds fake, I think... Not suspecting. Yeah.........

I have no idea that she followed me. I'm serious.


Thanks guys for all of your support, but I rather not know who it is. Reason being is that if I do, I might get mad at the person, and get myself in trouble. Suspicions might kill me, but oh well.


You are right the important thing is that you get your account safe and the person doesn't do anything like that again.


@CreativeCoder I'm using my backup account iReesesCup because I forgot my password on another account:sweat_smile:. That's why chocolatedrawings stopped publishing. Belive it or not.......


OMG I accidentally haccked myown account on hopscotch!!! it lets me log in and everything OMG!!! who would hack my account? Actually, I probably would hack my own account!


Uhh.. That doesn't make any sense, you're just logging into your account! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


but On accident I figured out MY OWN password!!! Isnt that insane! how could I have known my own password if I didnt hack my own account!?!?


Wha??? You already know your own password though, right??


yes. But How would I know how to hack my own account without using my password? Or I just used a hack to get my password to hack my own account!!! Honestly, I dont really see why anybody who actually knows how to hack into accounts (like me) would have any interest in Hacking a kids coding account. they cant get money, or special deals. Or even free stuff. All they get is some kids account that has their projects. So what if you can ruin there account, its still not worth all the effort you put in to actually hack into their account. Its almost 20 times as hard to hack than it is to actually code on hopscotch. Im telling you guys the truth, its not like you guys are bad or anything but no one would hack a kids account just to make them mad! people arent interested in projects that a kid made. They want money and free stuff for their hard work.


Most of that I agree with! Boy oh boy the hackers are back both 1 approximately 2 are working together! Thy hacked MK37C and Phase Staff (Phase Company)! From what I know if the hackers might be right, Hackers are taking over many/a lot/ almost all (ok that's exaggerated, but could happen) accounts a specialty colab accounts.
So for the sake of Hopscotch...
Again that was just for the sake of it and for the sake of Hopscotch surviving Hacker crisis.


Hi this is a metaphoric cartoon of MK37C! Lol it's really weird though. Hopefully the MK38C 'headquarters' (account) will be much better protected form hackers! The creeper is a representation of the hacker. Sorry if you don't get it


I really couldn't stand loosing my work. Hackers have to be terrible people to think that deleting or changing someone's work is worthy of a laugh


Once we find the serial hacker, let's see who has the last laugh...