I'm hacked on Hopscotch (Please don't change tags!)


Hi everyone,

I'm hacked on Hopscotch. I published a note and won't be publishing anymore until it's fixed. I'm pretty sure I know who the hacker is. I emailed the hopscotch team as well. For now, I'll be using my kk091 account.

On a second thought, why would people want to hack you, publish weird projects, and other stuff?



I guess they think its funny, i don't, my email got hacked a while ago


@Liza can you also remove the person using my account?


@Kiwicute2015 Hmm, whoever hacked you must of wanted to be famous. I hope the hopscotch team fixes this. My roblox account got hacked a while ago.


@Kiwicute2015 you should email the hopscotch team.


I've got a name in my mind she/he told me that she is going to hack on someone. Hope you will be all right .


Oh, I thought that it was paw paws :feet:, since he/she liked a bunch of his/her own projects and remixed one of them.


It can be puppy paws as well because I got hacked by him/her but he/she is my 3rd name.......


Just let the hopscotch team handle it.
Plus of they want to find out who that person it, it would be super easy.
Ip adresses, they compare ip adresses logged in your account with all the other accounts with the same ip adresses and they find out who it is, then there are lots of other ways but that's if the hopscotch team were to use them.

Just send an email to the hopscotch team and they will handle it, they will chose what is best to do, reseting the account will probably be their choise.


Yeah, I emailed them, and they haven't responded.


Was it your school email? Because if it is, it probably won't go to anyone besides people in your school district. (That's how mine is set up.)

Ask your mom to email them if that's the case. :slightly_smiling::blush:


Yeah @Rawrbear is right



Don't worry @Kiwicute2015 I'm sure that the hopscotch team will fix it.


No, I used my own email and my own iPad. Fortunately, they haven't been doing anything.


Oh :confused: (20 characters fhudisjsnsmskc)


I'm so sorry @Kiwicute2015. It's crazy people do stuff like that. I hope I don't get hacked- it seems to be happening more frequently recently :pensive:

Have you been publishing anything else since your message on your normal account? Because more weird stuff is going on (a message that says mwah ha ha on your announcement!?).

Also, have you been publishing on your kk091 account? Maybe I'm just being weird, but some of the recent projects just don't seem like something you'd publish.

P.S. to anyone that cares: if I do ever get hacked, my back-up account is my Creative Coder Messages account.


Since you've experienced being hacked , can I ask "How did you know that you were hacked ?". Thank you :grinning: and "Can I still follow your Kiwicute2015 account ?", I followed you yesterday :grinning: . And , I totally agree that the Hopscotch Team should remove that person from Hopscotch , he/she can pose a huge threat to others ! :fearful:


Well, technology is advancing everybody. People now can hack into others account a lot more easily compared to 1999. But I have a tip if you don't want your account to be hacked.

Don't think about it. Like for real. It works somehow.


I knew I was hacked when projects were published that I didn't publish, and I never remix unless it's really good. You can still follow me.


Yes, both of my accounts are hacked. I gave away my kk091 account since I didn't put a email on that. I have a new account, Kiwicute-Backup. If someone can hack my password on that account, I'll just give up.