I'm Grounded :(


I'm Grounded :confused:

ARRGHHH!!! I've been grounded from my precious iPad for "talking back."
That means I will not be able to do anything besides talk on the forum. :confounded: (on my laptop)
@JonnyGamer - My entry will not be that good because I'm getting it back about in the middle of January, like the tenth, eleventh. You don't have to postpone it, I'm still participating, but the best you're going to see is a cookie clicker or something like that with 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.'

The Monopoly Team- Oh how I miss you all! I'll still be on the forum but I won't be able to do anything. :sweat:

Music Requests- I'm super sorry! I'll try to get them done before February.... :persevere:

@DancingLollipop @DragonDog @Stampys_fans - And you guys... Your prizes are the first thing I'll work on once I get my iPad back...

Sorry all of you guys... Apparently my "attitude" has to be fixed...


Oh no! I am sorry! I understand both sides of the story! Yours and your moms or dad or someone else


I'm sorry! Dont worry about the competition. Creating the music doesn't have to be overly complicated, I create mine in like half an hour. The game doesn't have to be too complex either. I'm sure you'll be fine?


Thanks :joy: 20202020


No problem with my prizes! I really don't care about a couple of likes:wink:


Good Luck @Snoopy :+1:


We'll miss you..........


What does that mean?


talking back means you talk back to someone with a adttitude


With a bad attitude cause sometimes there is a good additude!


When are you gonna be un-grounded?


@Snoopy! Good News!
Check Out This Quote:

And That's Only A Few Days From Now!

WOO WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today's the tenth!


Today I got my iPad back- YASSSS!!
Tomorrow I get my iPhone back- NOOOO!!! ME WANNA HAVE ME PHONE NOW!!! :joy:


It Is The 11th...


You have the

iPhone now?


Yes :grinning::+1:🏻 Yes, yes I did.


Yay! Now you can do the music comp! Hooray! (I think you're the only one in it though...)


I'm happy u are back. My parents grounded me for a week because I made a D on a yes like 3 months ago


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