I'm Grounded From My iPad Because of Homework


As you can see from the title, it's probably obvious that I'm sneaking right now.
So basically, I stayed up until ten o clock doing homework tonight, and I kept getting distracted because of my iPad. I barely got any homework finished until ten o clock, when everything in my math packet was done. So, when I went to sleep, my mom told me she was taking away my iPad until all my homework was done. Which means almost no iPad at all everyday. I'm sad because I hate homework, and my iPad helps me DO the homework!! But I also keep getting distracted. But it makes me really sad because I won't be able to talk to you guys...
I'm turning off all YouTube notifications, studying for my soccer test, deleting apps, deleting chats, yeah....
I guess I'll see you another day...?
This also means I can't do the Halloween contest


See you when you get your homework done. You can do it! :smiley:


Thanks bye


It's okay, we all get distracted, (especially me, I get distracted with my sis's laptop but I need it for schoolwork) so I think we all relate to this on a spiritual level- okno
But anyways, see you once you're not as distracted! :DDD


Gude luck fren!

I do mai homework leike a psycho until I feeneesh :3


I feel you

I've always done all my projects last-minute. And my mom has taken away my iPad but I manage :sunglasses:


Good luck with your homework. See you when it´s done!


Bye, good luck! <tjryyjrtjyjytrjyteytj)


My mom forgot to take away my iPad today, but I got homework done.
I'll do my social studies homework later hehe....