I'm gonna leave the forums


I'm obviously not getting anywhere. I'm gonna leave for a bit.


No! The forum is a great place! Please stay! You are awesome!


Please stay! All of the leaders and even the Hopscotch Team support you!


But you just got here? Once you get the hang of it, it's actually really fun! Even at first, I was not so sure either, but know its pretty neat!


I'm sorry people are putting you through such a hard time. Leaving behind the reason that there is a true cause. I support you and so do the leaders, moderators, and even the Hopscotch Team!


I agree I think I have to spend some time away from the forum. People keep changing what I post or flagging them for no specific reason. GOOD BYE


@Kayro @Kiwicute2016 @LazyLizard @Sprouse @bluedogmc-official Guys! I'm not leaving forever! I just meant I was gonna go off for a while, get myself back on track, and then return. I don't plan on leaving forever.


What! Please stay! The forum wouldn't be the same! It just wouldn't. We are all here to support you! EDIT- Few, I got scared you were leaving FOREVER


Oh! My bad! Well thats good. :grin::smile:


PleSe stay it's been a pleasure to have you here!


No I am doing the same you can leave if you want


Do not encourage people to leave!


I mean if you really do want some time off from the forum you could easily leave then come back REKAMENDATION type forum password and username in a reminder


Kayro make sure to be nice to everyone and not yell!:wink:


I am not yelling
I just Bolded the text with capital letters