Im gonna get suspended woohooo


Flag me to get me suspended cuz I want to be XD


Flag this post I WANNA DISAPPEAR


Sorry, we can't do that! You don't deserve it.

Why would you want to be suspended?


Flag meh plz plz plz plz




I refuse (T ^ T)


I'll probably get suspended soon anyway.... I have been flagged twice


@Kittensrule12, why would you want to be flagged?


I think maybe to make sure she doesn't get distracted by the Forum or something?
@Kittensrule12 Why do you want to be suspended?


So I can make a new account


It's not really a good reason to be suspended tho...
and your username is great


Hmm. Running away from your problems? That's not what I made you out to be at first.

Come on, if there's something you want to get rid of, you can apologize for it.

I'm kind-of-obviously trying to influence your decision here, but hey—if you really want to start anew, then start anew.


It doesn't matter, you'd have to have like 20 flags to be suspended, you're okay.