I'm gonna do my first pixel art! What should I do for it?


The title is pretty self explanitory. I just need help deciding what to do for my pixel art.


Cough cough I'm no pixel art pro cough cough

I'll use the OMTL later


Umm....maybe a Koala....?

Idk :joy:


That's a great idea! :stuck_out_tongue:


Watermelon pixel art maybe?


Pixel art pros help please! :wink:




If it's your first, I think you should start simple, like a round owl

That's what I started with, but I still haven't finished

well if hopscotch worked maybe I could but it doesn't so shrug


Really? Cool!

I just...sort of got it from my username...:wink:


You don't need to be a pro! Just an image of something that I can replicate!


What's wrong with your hopscotch?


It's on my school iPad, and it never connects, even with wifi

And my other iPad is like an iPad 2 and it's slow and glitchy and hopscotch kills it


Since you are into tech stuff, maybe make this?


Umbreon here:


Maybe try doing the apple logo!:grinning:


AHHHH!!!!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I'M MAKIN THAT!!!!!!! I :heart: tech!


That one's a little too simple. Sure, it's my first pixel art, but that's all just 1 color.

Maybe when I finish my phone pixel art, I could put little apple logos surrounding it!


This is my first! I'd need something a little easier!


Tbh just because it's bigger doesn't mean it's more difficult or complex, just that it requires a lot more patience and motivation.:slight_smile:

Goodluck with your first pixel art!