I'm gone. Are you happy now


All of you people who hate me for just stating an opinion, I'm gone now. For the second time.
I'm going to state my points here.

1.) The OFFICIAL topic that LazyLizard made was just thrown away out of nowhere.

2.) His reasoning is that LazyLizard left, therefore he gets to make it, completely not acknowledging the list at all.

@treefrogstudios - Then why can't she resolve this issue

3.) @Refugeecat123 I get the privilege to argue because this is a forum. You argue too. I literally have freedom of speech, besides forum rules. The forum has no rules that I can't debate.
The creator of this topic doesn't have the privilege. You guys made your own rules and now you're breaking them yourselves.

Why can't we just wait? She's been last seen four hours ago. Is that 'a while ago?'
No. Why are we all so hostile? So quick to assume I want to get a topic closed?
I am NOT an attention seeker. I want to point our right and wrong.

@shamrockcat - Stop assuming I want things that I don't. Stop being so quick to assume I'm evil and I want everything closed and I want all sort of attention.

Since this is going to be flagged and all your responses will be:
"Oh, stop! You are ruining the forum!"
"Why do you care so much about a small drawing topic?"
"How do you know so much?"
I'll answer all of that right now.

  1. I am not ruining the forum. I am re-enforcing the rules and was called names.
  2. I care about rules. And I used to go on the drawing topic too. LazyLizard and BAS make them.
  3. Because I have another account. I'm not new.

You guys are so quick to assume. I'm sure I've said that enough times already.
As a supposed "newbie" how would you feel if after posting one post, you get hostile replies? Well I feel that way and I'm not even new.

I'm re-enforcing these rules that you have created.
Why do we all act as if we'll fix everything but it doesn't matter how the other person feels?
"Oh, come to my topic, she obviously wants attention and wants to get this topic closed"
why can't it just be, "Hey come to my topic we can talk there?"

You all want to be heroes but you don't consider how I or anybody else feels. And for that reason I am never coming back to this forum again.
And I bet one of you is going to post "oh yay, she's gone now we can start posting regular stuff on the drawing topic now :D"
Because you don't know who I am. The way I type and talk you might figure it out but whatever, because I'm gone now.


Um, okay? First, and first!


@Rawrbear is a trusted user. He's been here for a while and I think more people have earned respect towards him. (Not that we don't respect other users)

Please don't leave because of topics for drawing.

And you are part of this forum to. We have some other topics about this, so take a deep breath.


I think you need to calm down a little. :DD

The original topic was closed, meaning we can't use it. She gave permission for others to make it. She has left, and is obviously just checking in and doesn't want to bother with this.

You don't need to overreact, it doesn't solve anything. :slight_smile:


You know we do like 5 second checks to right?


looking at the responses here

yea that's why I let my opinions suffer in my mind

anyways, I also don't think you should leave. If your method of calming down isn't.. uh... I won't exactly say what it is to prevent flamewars. I think if someone really did tell you that you were ruining the forum, I would flag it. But I dunno where that post is now

I'm completely fine with you though. Sorry I rushed I'm being forced to watch a movie.



(sry I'm not being helpful)

Why would someone think that?!



Bai.... have fun IrL


it's just a topic, do you seriously think you get an award for making one? and since users can't be moderators anymore, we have to make a new topic each time one of the drawing topics are closed.

and about your bio, it says you joined a week ago on hopscotch. yet you said that you were here when lazylizard and bas made topics. why are you lying to us?


I think I know who assumed it, but if I said their name
then everybody would be shocked and a lot of people would be mad at me.


What happened to the forum?


One of the drawing topics closed, somebody made a new one, some people got mad at them because they didnt get permission to do that, it's closed again, the next one closes, arguments switching topics, and now we are left with drawing topic 11


Oh...wow, it wasn't like this when I left.
Wait, why are people still arguing right now or no?


Not really sure.. I think the situation is cooling down, there are a few people still talking about what happened in the argument


Ok thank you
Bye :ghost:


Your welcome, farewell.


This is a forum full of children. Innocent, immature, yet ignorant children.

All the points you make in this thread are pointing out the truth that they see but would never admit. Now, these people are infuriated. sigh


Farewell, my friend. I'm sorry that you have to go through this and those comments. ;-;


This is exactly what I was mad about when the 10th topic was made. I agree with @StarryDream.

@Rawrbear is a respected forum user, yes, but that does not make him the original creator or give him a free pass to break rules. If everyone can make a drawing topic, we'll have drawing topics scattered everywhere. They'll be closed, people will flame- it's such an annoying issue. And what about @bluedogmc-official? @LazyLizard gave her permission for bluedog to create drawing topics, so why hasn't bluedog made it?

Ugh, I'm sorry that you're leaving, @PinkClouds. Thanks for being a voice of reason.


In fact, it is true that everyone have the ability to make a drawing topic.


Fine, Miss Grammar :P
Everyone can make a drawing topic, yes, but what I'm saying is that not everyone should be able to make a drawing topic that is accepted by the community