I'm going to write a story


Hi! I'm going to write a story in HS! Don't worry, this will be HS/forum related. Inspired by @t7lks
I don't have a title for this story yet.
Here's some people I'd like to include.. Are you okay with this?

Characters I included

@t7lks as Honey(is that your real name?) @FoodDelivery as Sam @smishsmash as Avery @Hero_Dino as Amber (thanks you so much t7lks to help me find a nickname on the forum!) @KVJ as Jake @StarryDream as Lucy

Also, I'm developing my writing skills. I'm horrible at it and I want to be good at it liek James Dashner(author of TMT),t7lks,Dudey,Disky and much moar!
I really need your feedback. I won't be mad or upset if you gave me a critic. I'm practising!
Also, what's prologue?


Not final chapter 1

[Chapter 1

I was in the forum somehow. I'm with my friends, Sam(FoodDelivery)Avery(SmishSmash), Honey(t7lks),Lucy (StarryDream) and Jack(KVJ). We've been transformed to lil' HS Characters. I found myself here just a few minutes ago. System was fighting with the mods. The mods team was weaker without Poptart. As I watched the mods getting weaker and weaker because of System's evil force, many forumer a are running for their lifes. "Run! Amber! Go!" Honey yelled. My legs are shaking really hard. I was afraid. I can't run."My legs, they're shaking....I can't. It's fear!" I cried. This was an end for me. As system comes nearer and nearer, I screamed. I closed my eyes. I was prepared for the worst.


sure you can use me! thanks so much


would you like to enter a trail/shape art that you have already made for my contest? prizes are delicious


btw cant wait till you finish the story!!


Hi @FoodDelivery
I've been thinking to do something like a. Hopscotch World records? Is it a good idea?
Can you help me? It's fine with no


no its a brilliant idea! I was gonna do that myself!


Hehhe. I've been thinking about it for a long time. Wanna help?


sure, when can i start?


We should probably discuss it now and make this topic but it'll officially start on 23 Sep since that's when my exam ends


Most likes,
Most likes in ten minutes
(some Ideas)


Yeah! You'll make a topic about this so we can discuss it.


i can make it now if you want (I finished all my exams SO HAPPY :grinning: )


Already? When did you start your exam? I start mine on 21 .2 exams in one day. Except for the last day I only have one


Each month had exams. Months December 2015 until August 2016 (this was for me)


Ooo. I have one exam for each term


Have you made the topic. This topic is off-topic already


no but i will in like 20 secs





I'm fine with this, thank you so much! :D