I'm going to start HS again


Hi! Just to clarify this is not GoldenDunk, this is the brother. I was really excited for myself when I decided to start up Hopscotch again, so I opened up a blank project, and... I have no idea what to do. I am accepting requests for games/pixelart/Ascii/anything!


Would you like me to help you? :D


I just need something to do!
Edit: I'm not yelling at you, just putting emphasis


Make a flying potato game. :D


Challenge Accepted, but still any other things?


Um, how about a game where you move around in space shooting spaceships and you are a potatoe!


You all really like potatos


Yep XD But why not!


I don't know! I prefer whoopie pies. I'm kind of obsessed with them..I'm eating one right now. :joy:


Maybe..... A purple duck who was pretty and smart and the duck was wit other ducks that danced and ate potatoes while singing let it go while Elsa was trying to round up the ducks. :laughing:


Off topic

How is your brother?