Im going to new york to see hopscotch


My birthday was yesterday, but I didn't open my presents until today. And my parents surprised me with a trip to... New York! To see the Hopscotch Team, and the Hopscotch's headquarters, I'm so excited!

Any tips?


Congratulations smileyalyssa



Your so lucky lol

Have fun!


Happy belated birthday!


You're so lucky!! Happy late birthday:D

Ttyl XD


I thought they were in 33rd something street (or something)


Happy late birthday. I hope you will have fun.


Wow, that's really cool :D


Congratulations that's sounds awesome I would love that as a present

Also Happy Belated Birthday


That's so cool! Congrats, and happy birthday! :DDD


Yay! Have fun! (And happy birthday!)
You're so lucky smiley!


Have fun! It's super cool!
I've been there before. :slight_smile:
Here's a topic about my visit if you're curious.


That's awesome!


Happy late birthday! It´s cool that you will see THT!


That's so awesome! Have fun! It's so cool to think my role model will be a like two miles from me (manhattan is only 8 miles lol with 3 million people In it)



(i mean u r posting again)
Also congrats!!!
I have never been there but i bet it will be great!!


Oh yeah they work in 335 Madison Ave. Hope you enjoy!


Long time no see!

Well happy belated birthday!

Also I am going there in April!


Yay! Your back!


Oh my chickens happy birthday!

Also I hope you enjoy your trip to the Hshq!