I'm going to leave


I keep being bullied on here so whatever I'll go


Please Don't leave you just started :cry: It's doesn't matter about what people say


Don't listen to the bullies! Please stay!


So many new users start out spammin g
Then say they quit
What is going on...


Everyone keeps flagging me and it's hurting my feelings

Because I'm a person too


U said you had another account, why test out forum tricks in a completely different account?


You made a spam topic and people were saying it's not useful for the forum, it was spam.


Why do they keep on flagging? Is your posts related to hopscotch?


That is Hopscotch's spam stopper... (I think) when I started it closed every post I made :wink:


Look at all my flagged posts

It's obvious I'm hated


Who is flagging them?


You called me rude

That hurt my feelings


Your new, most newbies get flagged ALOT it takes time to get use to the forum


No, I didn't, I said what you SAID was rude.


You shouldn't leave you are new, here are some link that might help, there are some rules you may not have known about

things that might help


Please don't leave!!! They flag, but a lot of people are here to support you.


You're not hated you just don't post things that are hopscotch related but you're new you will learn what to do and what not to do and people will like you better.


You do realize that I'm not a bot right? I have feelings and that is really insulting


You're not making sense, I know I you're not a bot, but maybe next time you should test things out with and words in front of little kids.


Is a askimet flagging your posts?