I'm Going To Hopscotch Headquarters!



Let's get straight to the point: I'm going to New York City next week. When I asked my parents if I could go see Hopscotch headquarters, they said they were willing to take me there! :000

I still haven't sent the email to ask if I could pop in yet, so I was wondering: is anyone else going to NYC next week for spring break? I could add you onto the email if so! :D

I can't believe I'm actually able to go! :smiley:


Meee! I am! Wow, I hope I can see you in person :00


I wish I was going...I'm going to have to wait to go to NYC for a while. I hope you have an awesome time though!


I wish I could go, but nope.


Thank you so much! :D

@NeoPixel, awesome!! I hope so, too! :0

Do you want to send your own email, or should I add you into mine and say that we want to go on the same day? ^^


Wow! I hope you have fun, then!


Rawry I expect a picture with THT XD


It's a lot of fun :smiley:

They are really nice there have a ton of fun!




I had a dream the other night that I met @FoodDelivery in person :sweat_smile:. When I do go to NYC, my parents said that'd we'd most likely go to Hopscotch HQ.




They really should have a Hopscotch Con (convention) sometime. On the other hand, is coders are so spread out it'd be kinda hard.


I wish I could go :frowning:
Is the headquarters only in NYC?


Yup...I wish it could be closer to where I live


Cool! I hope you have a great time there! :D


Woah, cool! :D I wish I was going ;-;

Have fun!


I want to go bad, but I'll wait until I am more well known.


I'll get on their Twitter for you Dudey XD


Okay, awesome! I'll add you in and request to meet on the same day, then. :D


I don't think i'll ever meet any other hopscotcher in person, but for one of my friends :stuck_out_tongue: